On this page you will find resources and links to information about 3D printing during the COVID19 Pandemic. If you have a 3-D printer you can find files that might be useful to keep your friends and family safe during these unusual times.

If you are willing to print specific items for your local healthcare workers in the Central Valley, we would encourage you contact the appropriate person listed in the section below.

To support mask production & delivery to Kaweah Delta in Visalia, Rick Hamilton has set up this website with a few files & forms.

Contact Rick Hamilton with any questions at: rhamilton@vusd.org

Fresno State Engineering students, faculty and alumni have been working 10 hours a day in recent weeks designing and producing PPE for Valley Health Care Workers.

Here is the website with Fresno State's Files.

3D printing technology is advancing at a rapid pace, but it is difficult to find or create 3D-printable models that are scientifically accurate or medically applicable. The NIH 3D Print Exchange provides models in formats that are readily compatible with 3D printers, and offers a unique set of tools to create and share 3D-printable models related to biomedical science.

CVCUE's Favorites

Door Opener Tool

Corona Door Opener Tool

In these COVID-19 times this is the best tool to open doors and other things safely:

  • Two kinds of door opener

  • Pin to push ATM buttons

  • Bottle Opener

  • Hard Plastic Knuckles to Win battles over T.P.

Ear Guard

Surgical Mask Strap - Ear Guard

The simple yet ingenious design is a notched strap that sits on the back of a person’s head. When wearing a mask, the elastic bands are looped around the notches on either side of the guard; this ensures that they stay in place while not rubbing the backside of the ears.

head band

Face Shield Head Band

The visor is tested and approved by staff all over the world but there are a lot of different regulations regarding medical supplies, please make sure to follow authority guidelines that applies within your region.